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Losing True North from Candice Malcolm

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On Nov. 4, 2015, Justin Trudeau became Canada’s 23rd prime minister. Trudeau promised to govern differently – in an optimistic and transparent way.

Instead, as author and Sun columnist Candice Malcolm reports in this detailed examination of his earliest decisions, Trudeau has chosen to pursue a cynical political agenda to manipulate Canada’s immigration system.

As authorities in Europe struggle to respond to terror attacks and waves of migration from conflict zones, Trudeau is haphazardly throwing Canada’s doors open to the world.

Why is Trudeau granting Canadian citizenship to a convicted terrorist? Why is he scrapping the language test for many citizenship applicants?

Malcolm puts forward compelling evidence that the prime minister is undermining Canadian values — and doing it for one simple reason: so his Liberal Party can win favour with special interest groups and add to its voting coalition in time for the next election.

With his radical changes to our immigration system, Trudeau is sacrificing Canada’s traditions and advantages. He is putting our economy, our national security and our very way of life at risk.

Trudeau is changing our country – and changing what it means to be Canadian.

Losing True North is a wake-up call to all Canadians.